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Spohrer Dodd Supports Jacksonville Civil Air Patrol Through Sponsorship

Robert F. Spohrer

At Spohrer Dodd, we proudly sponsor the Jacksonville Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Florida 383 Search and Rescue unit, an auxiliary of the United States Air Force. The brave men and women of FL-383 are dedicated to flying search and rescue missions throughout Jacksonville and the surrounding region. Indeed, they were assigned the majority of the emergency locator transmitter missions in the area in the last year. It only seems right for us to be dedicated to them through a sponsorship.

In a recent letter received by our firm from Lieutenant Colonel John Morrison, Commander SER FL-383, he described how our sponsorship had been a huge help to the unit. Through our sponsorship and donations, numerous cadets in need were provided scholarships. There were also various upgrades made around the Craig Air Center at Jacksonville Executive (JAXEX), including new LED lighting and improved audio-visual systems. Several cadets also used our sponsorship to clean and restore wear and tear throughout JAXEX, making the entire center look and feel better.

To extend his thanks, Lt. Col. Morrison invited members of our law firm to visit JAXEX, meet his team, and see firsthand how our sponsorship has helped. He has also invited us to share our insight into aviation law with cadets-in-training.

From all of us at Spohrer Dodd, we thank you Lt. Col. Morrison for everything you and the FL-383 do for the people of Jacksonville! It is our honor to sponsor you.

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