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Jacksonville Aviation Accident Lawyer

Aviation Accident Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

Air travel is the safest form of transportation, but when aviation accidents do occur, they are often disastrous and claim numerous lives. They also present complex legal and technical issues that cannot be resolved by most personal injury law firms. It takes a team of lawyers with specific experience and skill in aviation law to provide effective legal counsel.

Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys has a history of success in representing clients in Florida, across the U.S. and internationally who have been seriously injured or have lost loved ones in aviation accidents. Our aviation accident lawyers in Jacksonville include board-certified aviation specialists and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-licensed airplane/helicopter pilots.

We have the training and experience to competently handle private, commercial and military aviation accident cases. We know what state, federal, and/or international laws may apply and how to help you seek fair compensation. Call our Jacksonville aviation accident lawyers today at 904-309-6500 for your free consultation.

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Types of Aviation Accidents in Florida

From small privately owned planes to massive consumer jets, all of these aircraft are governed by strict regulations and laws, especially when crossing international borders. No matter what type of aircraft you were on – or the nature of your injuries – you will need the help of an experienced and highly qualified attorney to get the compensation you need.

Our firm handles all types of aviation accidents, including those that involve:

Investigating The Cause Of Airplane And Helicopter Crashes

Most aviation accidents are caused by one or more of the three factors:

  • Human error
  • Mechanical defects
  • Environmental influences

An exhaustive investigation will reveal the specific cause or causes of an accident, thus shedding light on fault and what party or parties should be held legally accountable for a victim’s injury or loss. Even if an environmental influence is to blame, it could be that an air traffic controller failed to adequately warn a pilot of adverse flying conditions. Mechanical defects may also be traced to poor maintenance or a defective product.

Often involving diverse layers of state, federal and international law, air crash litigation is an extremely difficult undertaking. Multiple parties conduct investigations and become defendants in legal claims. Typically, the following organizations are involved:

  • The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Commercial airline carriers (like Malaysia Airlines or Air France)
  • Aircraft manufacturers (like Boeing)
  • Air traffic controllers (or other government air travel officials)

In any scenario, our Jacksonville airplane accident attorneys will be prepared to pursue justice against the liable individual, company or government entity.

Negligence in Jacksonville, FL Commercial Plane Accidents

Unfortunately, because there are so many people involved in creating and operating commercial airplanes, there are also many places where negligence can occur.

Whether caused by a defective airplane part, a failed maintenance check or simple human error in the cockpit, plane accidents can be more than just dangerous: They can be deadly to every single person aboard the plane, including the flight crew themselves.

Here are some of the parties that may contribute to a plane accident:

  • Pilot: Pilots must go through incredibly rigorous training in order to get a commercial pilot’s license. Because of this experience (and the risks that they face on the job), pilots are held to a much higher standard of care in their work.
  • Flight staff: Flight attendants and airline staff are required to receive training in emergency preparedness and to ensure passenger safety. Failing to do so during a dangerous in-flight situation could make them liable for passenger injuries.
  • The airline company: All airline companies have a duty to protect those they serve. If a company fails to properly vet their employees or conduct regular maintain on their planes, they could contribute to a serious and preventable crash.
  • Runway crews: Responsible for loading and docking commercial planes, runway crews may also have duties related to maintenance and preflight safety checks. If due diligence is not observed, the entire flight may be compromised.
  • Air traffic control: Air traffic controllers are responsible for directing all planes within a given region. Many airplane crashes have been caused as a result of miscommunications between the pilot and the air control staff.
  • The plane manufacturers: Some planes are unsafe from the moment they leave the factory. Whether the manufacturers added features without testing them or failed to inspect the final product, they can be held accountable.

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FAQs About Jacksonville, Florida Aviation Accident Laws

As a firm with significant experience and a successful record in aviation personal injury law, we receive many questions from those who have suffered an injury but aren’t sure what to do next. For your reference, we have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions, and their answers, below.

What happens after I tell the airline about my injury? What can I expect? Who do I sue?

The sequence of events in any personal injury case depends in part on the nature and severity of the injury, as well as on how cooperative the responsible party is. In the case of an air travel-related injury, it may not immediately be apparent who is even at fault for your injury. The sooner you speak with an experienced aviation personal injury attorney, the sooner you can identify the responsible parties and move forward with a sound legal strategy.

Some of the most likely options for parties to sue include pilots, the airline, the aircraft’s owner (if it is not owned by the airline), the manufacturer of the aircraft and as well as the manufacturer of any key or defective parts, the aircraft maintenance staff, airport operators, and even government agencies that oversee air traffic controllers, weather services and other crucial information sources for air traffic.

How are private aviation lawsuits handled differently than commercial aviation claims?

One key difference between private aircraft and those operated by commercial airlines is that fewer people are involved in the operation and maintenance of private aircraft; in a personal injury lawsuit, that means there are fewer parties with a potential liability for any injury you have suffered.

Aircraft of all sizes are well regulated in the United States, but in practice, smaller, privately owned aircraft may go longer before potential safety issues are noticed or addressed because fewer people use the aircraft, and also because an individual owner may simply choose to ignore a problem once detected. This type of egregious negligence is harder to execute with larger commercial aircraft, simply because more people are involved in the maintenance and operation of the plane.

How soon after the accident must I file a claim?

The statute of limitations in personal injury lawsuits varies from state to state, and country to country – whether the injury involves an aircraft or not. In general, if you believe you have suffered an injury due to negligence during air travel, it is in your interest to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible in order to determine whether you have a case. At your first meeting with Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys, one of the first things we will do is help you assess the strength of your case, and how much time you have to file a suit if it’s appropriate to do so.

What if my accident occurred outside of the United States or over the ocean?

Liability rules for international travel are laid out in an international treaty called the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, commonly known as the Montreal Convention. The Montreal Convention was established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an agency within the United Nations responsible for overseeing international air travel. The Montreal Convention was agreed to by more than 150 countries, including the United States.

In addition to requiring all international carriers to hold liability insurance, the Montreal Convention also updated the previous liability laws to allow injury victims and their family members to sue foreign air carriers in their home country or country of permanent residence, rather than exclusively in the country where the airline is headquartered.

Have More Questions? We Have Answers.

For more information about aviation personal injury law, give us a call at Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys or contact our team online for a free consultation today.

Seek Justice With Our Aviation Accident Litigation Team

When you’ve been injured or lost a loved one because of an aviation accident, there’s little that can account for the pain you’ve experienced. However, our Jacksonville plane accident lawyers are ready and willing to help you fight for justice. Board-certified in aviation accident law, we have the specialized experience to investigate your case, relying on our network of aviation, mechanical and engineering experts to discover what happened.

Whether commercial or private, all aircraft should be built and operated within a reasonable standard of safety. No matter how your crash occurred, Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys can get to the bottom of it, relying on our rigorous investigation skills and more than 150 years of combined experience. We also have FAA-licensed airplane pilots on staff, as well as a national reputation for winning in high-stakes aviation accident cases.

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