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Firm Videos

  • About Galen Bauer

    Galen Bauer explains his role at Spohrer Dodd.

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  • About Gretchen Van Liere

    Gretchen Van Liere discusses what area of law she specializes in.

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  • About Jay Howanitz

    Jay Howanitz discusses what he primarily concentrates on.

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  • About Keith Maynard

    Keith Maynard talks about his role at Spohrer Dodd.

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  • About Matthew Spohrer

    Matthew Spohrer explains the types of cases he handles.

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  • About Robert Spohrer

    Robert Spohrer talks more about Spohrer Dodd.

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In the News

  • Southwest Airplane Tragedy

    Bob Spohrer explains how a blade of an aircraft failed due to metal fatigue.

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  • Tire Safety

    This video features Steve Browning as he discusses concerns about tire safety and consumer ...

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  • Contact Lens Cleaner Causing Blindness

    Acanthamoeba Keratitis (AK) can cause blindness in your eye and can be caused by No Rub ...

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  • Lead is Poison

    The dangers associated with lead paint exposure still exist today. Roger Dodd discusses ...

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Areas of Practice

  • What is Discovery?

    Robert Spohrer explains what discovery is and what the process looks like regarding your l ...

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  • What Can You Do with Medical Care Complaints?

    Gretchen Van Liere touches on what you can do with medical care complaints and explains ...

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  • Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Claim?

    Gretchen Van Liere explains how difficult it is to bring a claim with any value when ...

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  • What to Do After an Accident?

    Jay Howanitz touches on a few important things to remember after an accident takes place.

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  • What You Should Know About the Freedom of Information Act

    Jay Howanitz talks about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and what it means.

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  • Can I Sue the Military if I Was Injured?

    Keith Maynard answers whether or not you can sue the military or the government if you ...

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Community Involvement

  • Spohrer Dodd Tutors Justina Road Elementary School

    Robert Spohrer explains how Spohrer Dodd is proud to participate by sending their ...

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  • Why Community Involvement is Important

    Jay Howanitz discusses that without a community, you don't have anything, which is why he ...

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  • Spohrer Dodd Supports the Eagle Scouts

    Matt Spohrer talks about his personal connection to the Eagle Scouts and how it's a great ...

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Client Testimonials

  • Dorothy's Story

    "Dorothy Pitman Hughes is a heroine of the women's rights movement, of the civil rights ...

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  • Misky's Story

    "I would call Barry a guardian angel. He protected me and he protected my husband. It was ...

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  • Dawn's Story

    "I had a benign, yet fatal tumor in my brain. Other firms had turned us down, where we ...

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  • Gerie's Story

    "The company who we believed wronged our family was so much bigger and larger than us - ...

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  • James' Story

    "I was stopped at a red light and I was waiting for the light to change. The insurance ...

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