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“Dorothy Pitman Hughes is a heroine of the women’s rights movement, of the civil rights movement, and the children’s rights movement. She is an iconic, historic figure who we are privileged to have living in our community now. We were proud and honored that Dorothy came to our firm with a legal issue and we were pleased to resolve it satisfactorily to her. We are delighted to call her our friend.”

What is both inspiring and a great consolation to Elizabeth and myself is the manner by which you and you firm championed our cause and sought to seek justice on our behalf. I think there are few individuals who would have done so, and we are so very cognizant of that.

Regardless of the outcome, we shall be eternally grateful for the opportunity you have given us to at least allow our story to be heard in a court of law.


Excellent ! Highest Level Professional !

Ronald Azucenas

Mr. Spohrer and his staff are wonderful. They worked quickly to resolve our case. I appreciate all their hard work and dedication.

Troy Reed

Reviewer statsI had the pleasure if using Spohrer Dodd and specifically Steven Browning as my attorney. I unfortunately was involved in an accident and from the moment that I talked with Steven, I knew I was in the best hands. From start to finish, the communication was superb. At any moment that I had a question or concern, they were there for me to answer any and all questions. The whole process was streamlined and just a joy to work with. No one wants to go through a terrible event like a car crash but selecting Spohrer Dodd was the right choice. As someone that has never needed an attorney or been through a situation like this, Steven and his team had my best intentions in mind and made me feel very taken care of. I cant recommend Steven Browning more to anyone that is in need of an attorney. Thank you again for all your help.


They’re very professional and they were very responsive to my questions that I had with my case. Military claims Act.

Carlos Gonzalez

Dedicated. Personable. Respectful. Resourceful. Honest. Knowledgeable.

Mr. Galen Bauer, and his team, were nothing short of amazing. They have definitely earned the respect and trust of myself and my family.

Brandy Mcghin

Great firm with exceptional service! Mr. Browning and Ms. Salsbury were easy to talk to, always available and extremely efficient through what I thought would be a difficult process. They always made me feel as though I were their only client. I would recommend them to anyone!

Melissa Feliciano

I worked with Galen after the passing of my mother. His team was not only sensitive to what I was going through but made me feel comfortable with every step we went through. I cannot thank him enough. Overall a great experience and a wonderful team to work with!

Erica Underwood

Very professional and down to earth! Spohrer and Dodd has quality service. They will fight to the end on your case. They work very hard to get the best results. I would recommend anyone with a problem pertaining to medical malpractice, injuries, and etc. To contact them.

Brittney Davis

This firm goes above the norm and works extremely hard to win your case! Gretchen Van Liere and Galen Bauer were so very Professional and supportive through out the case. I will always recommend this firm for any legal needs!

Ann Bowman

Absolute professionals. I could not be more pleased with Barry and the team. After 5 or 6 other firms turned me down, I was directed to Spohrer and Dodd by the Bagen law firm. They have been concerned about my family and my well being from the start. Communication has been more than timely at every turn. You will not find a better team to handle your situation. Thank you again to the Firm!

James Everson

My sisters and I had a very pleasant experience working with Nancy and Jay. There were very professional, prompt and displayed excellence in their work and everything they do. We were impressed with how fast our case was settled. If you are searching for a lawyer that cares, this is the place and we highly recommend them!

Shannon Lewis

Barry Newman is an excellent attorney. He was professional, helpful and empathic. He always kept me in the loop and responded to my inquiries quickly. I would highly recommend both Barry and this firm.

Debra Clark-Miller

I contacted this firm for a medical malpractice case. My attorney, Gretchen Van Liere, was the kindest, most compassionate, competent attorney I have ever seen. With the type of case I had, she had to prove the doctor was at fault. Usually these types of cases have to go to trail. Fortunately, I had Miss Van Liere and she was able to resolve my case within the litigation period. By her achieving this, we were able to keep most of the money awarded in the judgement. Its been 4 years since we won this case and she still follows up with my family. I recommend this firm, especially Gretchen Van Liere. Thank you for all you have done.

Sheyla Martinez

My experience with this firm was exceptional and I would recommend no other firm for a medical malpractice case. Gretchen Van Liere and all of the attorneys that I worked with were beyond amazing. Gretchen used a fine tooth comb to tease out every detail of my case. She helped give me understanding, closure, acted like a couselor at times, and was a bulldog. I can say I am glad she was on my side and I was not on the receiving end because she is tough — That is exactly what you want in a great attorney! She left no stone unturned and made me so comfortable that I felt like I was working with family. This firm is motivated by what is just and fair, rather than their own monetary gain.This firm is exeptional for their ethics and doing what is right!

Sarah Nassoiy

Attorney Barry Newman and his team help me with my case when other attorneys wouldn’t. He did an excellent job and we got my case settled positively for me and now I can move forward and get my life back. I not only got help from a very great attorney but I also gained a friend!
Thanks for everything Barry!


Lawyer Barry Newman assisted my wife and I regarding documentation that we needed for a legal process. He was professional and took care of the matter the same day. We highly recommend his service.

Golan Grinberg

My husband had a very unfortunate accident which left us with months of hospitalizations, rehabilitations, staggering bills and a downward health spiral. We were referred to Spohrer Dodd, and they immediately provided a sense of relief that we were not going through the experience alone. Our case was handled with the utmost professionalism, and I am confident that the resolution through mediation provided the best outcome though they were prepared to go to trial. I am particularly grateful for Steve Browning’s assistance in the mediation process, and I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone in need of excellent representation.

Marie Pearce

I am thoroughly pleased with the professionalism, candor, and hard-work of Attorney G. Bauer and his legal team. After being a pedestrian struck by a drunk driver, I leaned on their expertise to guide me through what seemed to be a nightmare. They are in fact earthly angels that really helped me during a traumatic experience. I truly thank them very much for every second, minute, and hour poured into my case.

I would definitely recommend Attorney G. Bauer & Spohrer Dodd to anyone!

Caresse Jackson

Matt Is an excellent attorney who has great empathy and respect for his clients. His assistant Helen is equally efficient and kind. They made me feel like I was their only client, never a name on a list. They are honest about expectations and don’t build up false hope. They under promise and over deliver! I’m very pleased with the representation I received and would highly recommend Matt and use him again if the need were to arise!

Yvonne Locklear Landreneau

I highly recommend Matt Spohrer and his team. I went through a traumatic event that lead me to needing an attorney. Matt and Helen were so kind and helpful during this difficult time. They returned all of my correspondence promptly and took time to make sure all my questions were answered and I felt comfortable throughout the process. They treated me with respect and empathy and worked hard to get me a positive result.

Michelle Lasky

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the expertise , professionalism and compassion I was shown at Spohrer Dodd.

It’s frightening and intimidating to embark upon a malpractice suit but I felt completely at ease with my attorney, Galen Bauer. Galen stayed in regular contact with me, keeping me updated on any progress he was making on my behalf.
I truly felt as if I had an advocate.

Early in the process, Gretchen Van Liere carefully researched my medical records and familiarized herself with the details of my case. It was this careful attention to detail which then became the basis of the firm taking my case and ultimately succeeding in a outcome that exceeded my expectations.

Galen Bauer is a person who listens, who devotes himself to bringing a successful resolution. Galen is articulate and intelligent, a man of integrity. I recommend him highly.

Melissa Welsch

I had two major car accidents in an eighteen month period of time recently. Both accidents resulted in cars totaled and serious injuries to me. In the first accident I dealt with the guilty drivers insurance company directly. It was long and drawn out and lasted over a year with terrible results. Eighteen months later I was less than a mile from home when a very elderly woman hit me head on and totaled both cars. The lady was sighted for turning into my car. Sadly she did die and a detective wanted to discuss the accident as a homicide investigation with me. This really scared me. I had an attorney that I asked for some help and he recommended Barry Newman who didn’t work in his office. I could go on and on about what a tremendous turn of events when the other attorney recommended Barry Newman. Barry handled talking with the detective and he told me to take care of myself and he would deal with the accident.
I spent seven months trying everything to resolve my pain issues through therapy and avoiding surgery. I talked with Barry and told him that I would be having back surgery and we talked about outcomes.

The bottom line is Barry Newman took control, dealing with the insurance companies, and keeping me updated and I focused on surgery and getting well. I am 72 and have life experiences in different situations dealing with attorneys. Barry changed my preconceived ideas about what to expect. He was incredible, his staff was also incredible. I would recommend Barry Newman with no hesitation.

Frank Wise

Really impressed by the professionalism and tenacity of Spohrer Dodd’s team and Barry Newman in particular.

We hit a major bump which could’ve derailed the whole case (my fault in forgetting some critical details) but Barry believed in me and pushed through it all ending up with a settlement for me.

The communication was excellent and at no time did if feel that is was just another client.

I recommend Spohrer Dodd to anyone in need of an Aviation Attorney. Simply an outstanding organization.

Craig Troyer

Sam and Steve were kind and patient while working on a case two states away. I’m very pleased with my case’s outcome and know I have an attorney I can count on for any future needs.

Daphne Jackson

I was in a car accident that totaled my car. Barry Newman was my attorney and did a outstanding job. He kept me informed the entire way and I am so grateful for his hard work and professionalism. He is the attorney you want in your corner. I will recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.

Rebekah Doyle

I wanted to let you know that I did receive the money from the settlement. I am sorry it has taken me so long to let you know. It was kind of a bitter sweet moment to see the money in the bank. Of course it will be helpful in getting on with life … but without Gary it still sucks! So, is this it for us?? Are we done with everything? I can hardly believe it!! It certainly has been a very long and somewhat crazy journey!! I can’t thank you enough for being on my team and having my back!! None of this would have been possible without you and your expertise!! I still have

“i Will Recommend Everyone and Anyone Who Needs an Attorney to Spohrer Dodd!”

Dear Mr. Bob Spohrer,

Thank you for all that you did in our malpractice case. We are ecstatic to have the emotional relief from the stresses of paying for C’s therapies. The resolution of this case did not only provide us a sense of justice but it also gave us answers to many questions we had about what happened and what the future holds. This has given us a sense of closure and peace of mind as we move forward in C’s care and recovery.

I know that you were instrumental in the progression of this case as early on it was discussed that the numbers might not make this case viable. Clearly your persistence paid off and that did not go unnoticed. The kindness, ethics, and morality among everyone we worked with at your firm are top notch. I will recommend everyone and anyone who needs an attorney for areas of which your firm practices to Spohrer and Dodd!

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

S.P. and C.N.