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Get Compensation After A Slip-And-Fall Injury in Jacksonville, FL

Slip-and-fall incidents are one of the most issues that arise in the field of premises liability law. Property owners have a clear legal responsibility to keep their land and buildings free of hazards so that tenants and lawfully permitted visitors do not suffer avoidable injuries. A failure to take these basic safety steps renders a property owner negligent, and potentially liable for any injuries their negligence ends up causing.

Slip-and-fall cases are common because so much of the surface area of any property is comprised of the ground that people walk on. If the floor is unexpectedly slippery due to a spill or a leaking pipe, a person can easily end up on the ground. The same goes for uneven surfaces such as loose tiles and floorboards, wobbly railings, stairs of nonstandard heights, or any other departure from locally applicable building codes.

Premises liability laws are complex and often confusing. Call 904-309-6500 today to speak directly with a Jacksonville slip-and-fall liability lawyer at Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys about the specifics of your claim.

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Benefits of Legal Representation for a Slip and Fall Injury Claim in Jacksonville, FL

An experienced Jacksonville slip-and-fall attorney can provide more value to your civil claim than you may initially realize. If you are worried about how much legal representation will cost, make sure that you understand your attorney’s billing policy fully before you agree to accept their legal counsel. Generally, personal injury attorneys strive to make their legal services accessible to those who need them most. Because of this, some claimants may qualify to hold defendants accountable for their legal fees and the costs of bringing their civil claims.

Working with an experienced Jacksonville slip and fall injury attorney significantly improves your chances of success with your case. In addition, your legal team will likely enhance your recovery in ways you didn’t expect. Many personal injury claimants in Florida do not realize the full value of their claims until they have secured legal counsel. When you choose Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys to represent your slip and fall injury claim in Jacksonville, our goal is to ensure accountability and maximize your recovery as much as state law allows.

While it’s technically possible to succeed with a personal injury claim on your own, you face several significant risks and challenges by attempting to do so. First, you would need to meet very strict procedural demands with the court or risk your ability to recover your damages, and you would need to meet your filing requirements while managing your injuries. Medical treatment may be expensive, and you could be unable to perform your job while you recover. These issues can quickly escalate into a difficult financial situation, and you must be prepared to handle the unique challenges your case presents with responsive action.

Hiring an experienced Jacksonville slip and fall injury attorney to represent you can provide peace of mind and reassurance during a very challenging time. Your legal team will address the procedural demands of your case, ensuring it meets all applicable deadlines and that no administrative red tape delays your recovery efforts. No matter how your case unfolds, you will have legal representation ready to provide support and guidance so you can prove liability for your damages and make more informed choices about your legal proceedings.

The Effects Of A Fall Can Last A Lifetime

Many people are quick to dismiss a slip-and-fall incident as a brief, embarrassing moment with no medical repercussions. But the truth is that a fall can result in serious injuries — anything from bruises and broken bones to life-changing harm such as a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury. Some of these injuries will cause symptoms that persist for years, others permanently. When you have suffered any type of permanent harm because of the negligence of another party, it is vital to have legal counsel you can trust for the best chance of holding the at-fault party accountable.

If you are not sure how serious your injury is right away, it’s in your interest to get checked out by a medical professional — first and foremost to get proper medical treatment as soon as possible, but also to create a timely record of your injury in case you decide to pursue litigation later on. Medical records following your slip and fall injury will be vital evidence in subsequent legal proceedings. Your attorney must prove the full scope of your injuries and the treatment you will require to fully recover from them.

At Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys, we have an in-house physician to help our attorneys make sense of detailed medical reports and translate that medical insight into the strongest possible legal case. With our in-house medical expertise and our deeply experienced attorneys, we have recovered more than $1 billion for our clients.

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Damages and Compensation for Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim in Jacksonville, FL

It’s important to remember that while a “slip and fall injury” may sound minor, these incidents account for a significant share of the personal injury claims filed in the United States each year, the number of missed days of work from US workplaces, and the number of workers’ compensation claims filed throughout all industries in the United States. In addition, these incidents can easily cause a host of life-changing injuries, and any victim of a slip and fall may face an uncertain future regarding the long-lasting or permanent effects their injury could have.

Your Jacksonville slip and fall injury attorney will be invaluable for holding the property owner responsible for your slip and fall accountable for your damages. You could be entitled to claim more than you initially realized, and Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys ensures we explore every channel of recovery available to each client we represent. The economic damages typically available in a Florida civil suit include medical treatment costs, lost wages, and property damage. If the defendant is proven liable for the injury in question, they should expect to be required to repay all the economic losses they cost the plaintiff and more.

Depending on how your slip and fall occurred and its effects, you could hold the defendant accountable for immediate and future medical treatment costs related to your injury. If you suffered any severe injury resulting in disability, this may incur greater ongoing medical treatment costs and impair your ability to work and earn income. Your Jacksonville slip and fall injury attorney can potentially help you recover compensation for the future income you were expected to earn if you had not suffered your injury.

Florida state law also permits personal injury plaintiffs to seek compensation for their physical pain and emotional suffering resulting from a defendant’s negligence. This may sound like it would be difficult to quantify, but there are various methods your attorney may use to determine fair pain and suffering compensation in your claim. If you suffered any type of permanent harm, the pain and suffering compensation you obtain to reflect the reality of your loss could form the bulk of your total case award.

Florida Statutes to Know for Your Claim

Knowing the legal statutes that apply to your slip and fall injury case is vital to ensure the best chances of success. First is the state’s statute of limitations, or time limit for filing your claim. Most civil claims in Florida fall under a four-year statute of limitations beginning on the date an injury occurs.

Florida is also a pure comparative negligence state to determine fault for civil damages. This means that if a plaintiff is found to be partly at fault for the damages they have listed in their civil claim, they may still recover compensation with a penalty. However, they will lose part of their award equal to their portion of fault for the accident in question.

The property owner identified as the defendant in a slip and fall injury case could likely assert comparative fault to minimize their liability for the plaintiff’s damages. However, if an investigation determines the plaintiff bears any fault for their injury, then the comparative negligence statute applies, and they lose the corresponding percentage of their case award. Therefore, if you have any concerns about comparative fault coming into play in your premises liability suit, it’s important to consult an experienced Jacksonville slip and fall injury attorney as quickly as possible.

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