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3 serious injuries people suffer in slip-and-fall situations

Robert F. Spohrer

You feel it in the pit of your stomach when you slip and are about to fall. Many people desperately try to stop the fall and end up crashing to the ground anyway.

Businesses like restaurants and grocery stores can put their customers at risk of slip-and-fall injuries when they don’t maintain clean spaces and clear walkways. Sometimes, those hurt in a slip-and-fall incident at a business file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim against the business where they got hurt.

Suffering one of the three injuries below would be a compelling reason to seek compensation after falling at a business.

A soft tissue injury

The way you try to brace or protect yourself when you lose your balance could actually contribute to your injuries. You can easily suffer a sprain or strain because of your frantic efforts to avoid hitting the ground. Soft tissue injuries suffered in slip-and-fall incidents could leave someone unable to work for several weeks and require medical intervention for full recovery and pain management.

A broken bone

Trying to catch yourself so that you don’t hit the floor could also mean that you break your arm when you fall. Broken bones can take several months to heal and may require thousands of dollars in medical care.

A brain injury

People can hit their heads when they fall, which is one of the reasons that more than a million people end up in emergency rooms because of slip-and-fall incidents every year.

Brain injuries are particularly insidious because a person may not have symptoms immediately. It could be several days before they notice that something is wrong, and even then, the range of symptoms is so broad that people may not realize various negative experiences are a direct consequence of hitting their head.

Suffering a significant injury with a slip-and-fall at a business could lead to a premises liability claim and possibly compensation.