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Jacksonville Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn Injury Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

According to the American Burn Association (ABA), about 480,000 people visited emergency departments across the U.S. between 2011 and 2015, seeking treatment for fire or burn injuries. While most burn victims survive their injuries, they can still be left with painful scarring and permanent disfigurement that alter their life forever.

Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys represents burn injury victims and their families in Florida and across the country. We take these cases seriously, utilizing over 150 years of combined experience to proactively approach each client’s case and pursue fair, complete compensation. Our Jacksonville burn injury attorneys will do everything possible to help our clients get the help they need to rebuild their lives.

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What Causes Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries are caused by exposure to one of the following: fire/heat, electricity, chemicals and radiation.

People routinely come into contact with at least one of these four causes on a regular basis, which is one of the reasons burn injuries are so common.

The following are examples of how burn injuries can occur:

  • Automobile accidents: Contrary to the movies, cars do not explode after a collision. However, car fires are a very real danger if there are defective parts, like the gas tank.
  • Truck accidents: Gasoline, oil and even propane are frequently transported in commercial trucks. If involved in an accident, these tanks can explode.
  • Workplace accidents: People who work on construction or industrial sites frequently come into contact with electrical wires, flames and dangerous chemicals. Burn injuries frequently occur because OSHA guidelines aren’t followed or equipment is defective.
  • Defective consumer products: Gas stoves, BBQ grills and other household products can easily catch fire if designed poorly or built with defective material.
  • Aviation accidents: Jet fuel is highly flammable and burns at tremendously high temperatures. If an aircraft catches fire, those inside or nearby can suffer serious burns.
  • Medical malpractice: Some commonly used medical equipment relies on small amounts of radiation. If used improperly, the patient can suffer radiation burns.

The Jacksonville burn injury lawyers at Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys have the know-how and resources to thoroughly investigate the cause of your burn injury and determine if negligence is to blame. Once we determine the liable party, we can aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.
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Helping You Receive Quality Treatment For Your Burn Injury

Severe burns are considered catastrophic injuries because they have such a traumatic physical, emotional and financial impact on a victim and their loved ones. They are extremely painful and can cause disabilities and disfigurement, forever altering a victim’s life.

Thankfully, modern medicine offers a lot of treatment options for burn victims that can provide a great deal of relief. Unfortunately, these treatments can be very expensive, causing a burn victim to go into extreme debt or preventing them from receiving the treatment at all.

As Jacksonville burn injury lawyers, we work to help our clients recover complete compensation so that they can receive the treatment they so desperately need, including:

  • Medical treatment to prevent infection
  • Reconstructive and/or plastic surgery
  • Skin grafts and transplants
  • In-home medical care or equipment
  • Lost earnings and future loss of earnings
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral and burial costs, in the case of a wrongful death

When you come to Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys, we believe you deserve the best possible medical treatment for your burn injury, especially when that injury was caused by someone else’s negligence. Our Jacksonville burn injury attorneys will fight for the settlement or award you deserve that will cover all your foreseeable expenses.

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