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Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Sustaining an injury can affect your life in many ways: beyond the direct impact on your physical health, an injury can disrupt your personal life, interfere with your career, and even change the course of your life with a temporary or permanent disability. If your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence or malice, you have a right to hold the responsible party accountable and seek some measure of justice in the form of financial compensation.

At Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys, we treat our clients with empathy and compassion while helping them obtain the maximum compensation available. Our attorneys have decades of experience, and we will work with you to craft a legal strategy tailored to your unique needs. We have recovered more than one billion dollars on behalf of our clients.

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Benefits of Legal Counsel for Your Jacksonville Personal Injury Claim

Unfortunately, many people afflicted by personal injuries are unaware of their options for legal recourse after suffering the results of other parties’ negligence and misconduct. Some believe that legal representation would be too expensive considering the scope of their anticipated damages, not realizing the importance and potential value of reliable legal counsel. An experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorney is an invaluable asset when you are struggling in the aftermath of another party’s actions and do not know how to recover.

Legally actionable personal injury incidents can arise in more settings than most people imagine. Traffic accidents are one of the most common forms of negligence-based personal injuries, but an injury can just as easily be caused by a defective product, unsafe premises or workplace accidents. Improper care and abuse in elder care and nursing home facilities can also result in a personal injury case.

If you have any concerns as to whether a recent injury was the result of another party’s intentional misconduct or lack of reasonable care, it’s vital to find an experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorney to answer your legal questions and provide the guidance you need to approach your case with peace of mind. Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys in Jacksonville offers a unique approach to personal injury representation thanks to our team’s extensive professional background. In addition to our attorneys, our firm includes an in-house physician who plays a vital role in reviewing each of our cases and investigations.

While there is no official requirement to hire legal representation for a personal injury claim in Jacksonville, the right attorney can add tremendous value to your claim in several ways. Attempting to handle your civil case while recovering from your injury unassisted would be incredibly difficult. A reliable legal team can provide invaluable relief and peace of mind when you need it most. Additionally, legal counsel can help you avoid common mistakes in personal injury claims that jeopardize plaintiffs’ recoveries.

Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys has robust professional experience with a wide range of personal injury claims. Our team has successfully guided many past clients through very complex proceedings with favorable outcomes. As a result, we can leverage our experience, resources, and skills on your behalf to assist with your recovery after a personal injury in Jacksonville, FL.

Get Compensation After A Traffic Accident in Jacksonville, FL

A personal injury claim aims to ensure the victim is made as “whole” as possible after a personal injury. Success with any personal injury case requires careful attention to detail, gathering extensive evidence, and establishing a few crucial facts to hold the defendant accountable for the damage they have caused. Car accidents are some of the most commonly reported causes of personal injury claims throughout the United States. While every state enforces different rules regarding fault for accidents and car insurance coverage, an insurance claim may only cover a portion of your total losses from a serious accident.

While fault for your recent auto accident may seem clear, holding the defendant accountable through an insurance claim and a subsequent personal injury claim can be far more challenging than you may expect. Any motor vehicle accident case can potentially raise disputes concerning liability for an at-fault driver’s level of responsibility for an injured driver’s damages.

Certain types of vehicle accidents raise additional legal questions as well. For example, any commercial truck accident is likely to bring vicarious liability into play. An employer could bear fault for their employee’s actions depending on how the truck accident happened. Motorcycle accidents tend to result in devastating injuries and extensive economic losses, but disputes over fault often arise in these claims.

No matter how your recent vehicle accident happened, you need a Jacksonville personal injury attorney with solid experience representing victims of other drivers’ negligence. Our attorneys have assisted clients in a wide range of traffic-related injuries, including those stemming from:

  • Car accidents. We can guide you through the insurance claim process following a recent car accident, and if the at-fault driver’s insurance can’t cover your losses, we’ll help you proceed with a personal injury claim. Success with an auto insurance claim and a personal injury suit in Florida will require proving exactly how your accident happened and who caused it.
  • Car accidents involving a drunk driver. If a driver causes a personal injury because they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they face criminal charges in addition to responsibility for the victim’s civil damages. Our team can help you understand how a criminal case against the defendant who caused your recent accident may interact with your civil claim.
  • Distracted driving. Across the United States, distraction is the leading reported cause of all vehicle accidents yearly. Your Jacksonville personal injury attorney can help you gather the evidence needed to prove the driver who caused your recent accident failed to uphold their duty of care to drive attentively.
  • Car accidents involving Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing services. Rideshare services are very popular throughout Florida, but when accidents happen involving rideshare drivers, these incidents can generate very complex insurance claims and civil disputes. Our team knows how to help a client prove fault for a rideshare accident, whether they were a rideshare passenger or an occupant of another vehicle involved in the collision.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles can be fun, but they are inherently very dangerous compared to enclosed passenger vehicles due to their lack of basic safety features. As a result, motorcycle accidents tend to result in extreme injuries, even when riders use the highest-quality safety gear on their bike.
  • Truck accidents. Large commercial trucks are common sights on Florida roads, and many drivers pass large trucks with no problems every day in the Jacksonville area. However, commercial truck accidents can and do happen with devastating results. Determining fault for a truck accident can also be far more challenging than proving liability for a standard passenger vehicle accident.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Whenever a driver hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian is likely to suffer life-changing injuries. While some drivers may claim the pedestrians they struck crossed the road illegally, fault will almost always fall on a driver whenever a vehicle hits a pedestrian.
  • Bicycle accidents. Bicyclists have many of the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers in Florida and can use most roads. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can happen for many of the same reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur, but bicyclists struck by motor vehicle drivers tend to sustain severe injuries.

Every vehicle accident claim is unique, and injured drivers, passengers, and bystanders can face extreme medical complications from these events that cause long-term or permanent harm. Our firm can assist our clients in navigating contentious insurance claim disputes after their accidents and guide them through the civil claim process when insurance can’t fully compensate their losses.

We also have experience representing the victims of boating accidents. While similar to motor vehicle accident claims pertaining to land-based vehicles, boating accidents tend to raise unique legal questions that demand the attention of experienced legal counsel. Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys has successfully represented many clients injured in boating accidents throughout the Jacksonville region.

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Unique Experience In Aviation Personal Injury Law

Many lawyers can handle a simple car accident case. But not every firm is prepared to handle a personal injury suit stemming from an accident in the air. At Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys, we have significant experience in aviation accident law and how to hold negligent parties accountable when something goes wrong.

If you’ve been injured in a flight-related incident, we can help. That includes injuries involving:

  • Charter planes. Whether a negligent or improperly trained pilot caused your accident or the charter service bears liability, we can help you secure compensation for your damages.
  • Helicopters. Any accident involving a helicopter is likely to result in tremendous damage. Our team is familiar with the physics of helicopter accidents and knows how to help a client prove fault for such incidents.
  • Military aircraft. Accidents involving military aircraft can generate especially precarious legal concerns depending on how, where, and why these accidents happen. Members of the military have the same right to legal counsel as civilians when they suffer personal injuries from the negligence of others, and their branch of service may also offer compensation for injuries sustained on active duty. It is also possible for a civilian to have grounds for legal action due to injuries caused by a military aircraft accident, but navigating this type of case is especially difficult and demands experienced legal counsel.
  • Defective aviation products. Any manufacturer is responsible for a defective product that causes an aviation crash and bears fault for the resulting damages. If you must file a product liability claim in response to your recent aviation accident, our team can assist you with your complex civil court proceedings.

Aviation accidents tend to involve astronomical damages. Some victims are fortunate enough to survive these incidents but sustain life-changing injuries, many of which generate disabilities. Others are not so fortunate and do not survive these incidents, leaving their family with little choice but to explore a wrongful death claim to hold the at-fault party accountable.

Seek Justice After A Catastrophic Injury Or Wrongful Death in Jacksonville, FL

The personal injury laws of Florida aim to ensure that the victim of a personal injury can become “whole” again by holding the defendant accountable for the damages they caused. However, if a personal injury causes permanent harm, the victim is likely to wonder how they can possibly hold a defendant accountable for the intangible losses their situation entails. For example, if you were hurt in a car accident caused by a drunk driver and lost an arm or leg, this is a life-changing injury that will likely entail expensive medical care and ongoing medical complications that could interfere with your ability to work and/or live independently. In addition, this type of injury would be heavily psychologically damaging as well.

A “catastrophic” injury in Florida is any personal injury resulting in permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, or a permanent loss of function in a critical body part. Every injury has the potential to be life-changing, but we reserve special concern and compassion for those who have suffered a catastrophic injury, such as:

  • Burn injuries. Burns are some of the most painful injuries a person can suffer. Depending on the type, severity, and location of a burn, the victim is likely to bear severe scars and may experience diminished range of motion, persistent discomfort, and chronic pain in the areas scarred by their burns. Disfigurement from burn injuries can also cause tremendous psychological distress.
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Any injury to the spinal cord has the potential to cause life-changing effects on the victim. If the brain cannot transmit to the parts of the body below the injury site, the victim could lose sensation or experience complete paralysis in a large region of the body. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries cannot be healed, and any resulting paralysis is permanent.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Brain injuries are very dangerous, difficult to treat, and often pose long-term or permanent problems to victims. Even a seemingly mild concussion can have long-lasting effects, and more severe brain injuries can easily leave the victim profoundly disabled in several ways.

Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys will take the time to learn exactly how your catastrophic injury has impacted your life and the lives of your family. You could face long-term or lifelong medical care requirements, including in-home treatment, constant supervision, or assistance with everyday tasks at home. Our firm understands the dramatic toll a catastrophic injury can take, and our goal in every such case we accept is to help our client recover as fully as possible.

We also represent those who have lost a loved one due to wrongful death. We understand that no amount of money gained through litigation or settlement can ever bring back a lost loved one, but we will use every legal tool available to help you obtain some measure of justice by holding the responsible party accountable through litigation.

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How to Succeed With a Personal Injury Claim in Jacksonville, FL

The root of a personal injury claim is proving fault for claimed damages. The plaintiff has the burden of proving who is responsible for causing the personal injury and providing clear evidence of all the economic losses resulting from the defendant’s actions. A personal injury can revolve around negligence or a failure to exercise reasonable care in a given situation, or it may arise from an intentional act of harm or criminal action.

If a defendant intentionally and willfully caused the plaintiff’s personal injury, they are likely to face criminal charges and civil liability for the victim’s damages. A Jacksonville personal injury attorney can provide valuable guidance if your civil case is likely to unfold in tandem with a criminal case against the defendant filed by the state.

A plaintiff must establish four main components of negligence to succeed with a personal injury claim in Florida. First, they must identify the defendant and their duty of care in the situation in question. Second, the plaintiff must show that the defendant failed to meet their duty of care through intentional misconduct or negligence. Third, the plaintiff must show proof of actual harm or measurable losses resulting from the incident. Finally, the plaintiff must establish causation between the defendant’s breached duty of care and the plaintiff’s claimed damages. In other words, the plaintiff must prove their damages directly resulted from the defendant’s actions and did not occur from another cause.

A Jacksonville personal injury attorney will be invaluable in your effort to prove liability for your recent personal injury. A good attorney will know what types of physical evidence may be available and how to secure witness statements from anyone who saw the accident occur. In addition, if you have any questions about liability or if more than one party bears responsibility for your damages, your attorney can advise you on how to best address these variables.

Your legal counsel will be crucial in proving fault for your damages and firmly establishing the full scope of those damages. In Florida, the plaintiff in a personal injury claim has the right to seek full compensation for their economic losses and reasonable compensation for their pain and suffering. Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys aims to help our clients recover as fully as possible in every case we accept.

Economic Damages in Florida Personal Injury Claims

Florida state law offers broad flexibility to personal injury plaintiffs regarding the damages they can seek with their civil actions. Your Jacksonville personal injury attorney will assist you in gathering invoices, bills, and other documentation to prove the extent of the economic losses you sustained from your personal injury. Any injury can lead to expensive medical care and a long recovery time, which creates further financial strain from the inability to work. Many plaintiffs can calculate immediately recognizable losses such as hospital bills, vehicle repair costs, and lost wages during recovery, but they may struggle to accurately assess the full scope of their claimable damages.

Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys will carefully examine the details of your injury to help you calculate all of your claimable economic damages, including:

  • Immediate medical expenses following your injury, such as hospital bills and ambulance fees.
  • Long-term medical expenses resulting from the injury. The defendant is liable for the cost of any treatments the plaintiff requires to fully heal from their injuries and manage their symptoms until they reach maximum medical improvement.
  • Lost wages. You could be unable to work for several weeks after your accident. The defendant is liable for lost wages.
  • Lost earning capacity. If you suffered a catastrophic injury and cannot resume your previous job, you may hold the defendant accountable for the income you were expected to earn until retirement.

When it comes to medical expenses and lost income after a personal injury, the victim may have more options for immediate recovery than they initially realize. For example, if your injury happened at work, a workers’ compensation claim could provide coverage for your medical expenses and ongoing disability benefits if you cannot work while you recover. In addition, if a specific party caused the accident, you could still proceed with a civil claim to enhance your recovery. Similarly, an insurance claim is typically the first step toward recovery from an auto accident, providing some relief from your medical expenses and vehicle repair costs.

Insurance and workers’ compensation insurance may not come into play in every case, and even when they do, they may only cover a portion of a plaintiff’s total losses. However, a personal injury claim can enable the victim of another party’s negligence or misconduct to hold them accountable for the full range of economic damages they sustain. A good Jacksonville personal injury attorney can help their client explore immediate recovery options through auto insurance, workers’ compensation, and other forms of insurance coverage before helping them build a civil claim against the party responsible for their injury.

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Pain and Suffering in a Florida Personal Injury Case

Florida law acknowledges that the physical pain, emotional distress, and psychological trauma a plaintiff endures from a personal injury are intangible losses worthy of monetary compensation. While it may sound difficult to assign a financial value to something like physical pain from an injury, your Jacksonville personal injury lawyer can provide helpful guidance in determining a fair amount to include with your claim.

Florida law does not limit the amount of pain and suffering compensation a plaintiff can seek unless their claim pertains to medical malpractice. State law limits non-economic damages in medical malpractice suits to $500,000. There is no cap otherwise, and if you suffered any serious injury, the pain and suffering compensation you obtain could form the bulk of your final case award.

A Jacksonville personal injury lawyer may seek an ongoing pain and suffering compensation agreement with a defendant if the plaintiff’s injury is expected to heal fully within a relatively short time. This would award a set amount each day until the plaintiff reaches maximum medical improvement. Alternatively, if a plaintiff has sustained a catastrophic injury or permanent harm of any kind, their attorney is likely to seek a larger lump sum to reflect the severity of their client’s condition.

Florida’s Pure Comparative Negligence Law

Proving fault is essential for every personal injury plaintiff, but a plaintiff can discover that they legally bear partial responsibility for causing their damages. For example, if you were hit by a drunk driver but were speeding at the time, the judge handling a subsequent civil claim between you and the other driver may decide that while the other driver’s drunk driving was a greater breach of reasonable care, your speeding likely contributed to causing the accident.

When a plaintiff is partially liable for causing their damages, they receive a fault percentage based on their level of responsibility. They will then lose this percentage of their final case award. For example, if a plaintiff is found 10% at fault in a claim for $500,000 in damages, they stand to lose 10% of the case award or $50,000 to reflect their comparative negligence. Therefore, depending on the total value of a personal injury case, even a slight comparative fault can significantly impact the plaintiff’s case award.

Whether you are unsure who is responsible for your recent personal injury or are worried about bearing comparative negligence for your recent accident, it is vital to speak with an experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorney as soon as possible to explore your legal options. Time is critical in every personal injury claim, and securing legal counsel as soon as possible ensures your attorney has as much time as they need to build your case.

Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys has years of experience handling complex and multifaceted personal injury claims on behalf of clients in the Jacksonville area and surrounding communities. Our team has the resources you need to prove fault for your recent personal injury and maximize your recovery from your damages.

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