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The 5 top mistakes made in personal injury claims

Robert F. Spohrer

There are many mistakes that people make when they start personal injury claims. To make sure you can get as much compensation as possible out of your claim, it’s important that you don’t make the same errors.

Here are five of the most common errors that people make and how they could impact your case. If you have questions, remember that you can talk to someone who is familiar with the law to get the help you need.

Talking to the insurance agents

The first thing you should not do is talk to insurance agents. Insurance agents are trained to look for signs that you’re not badly hurt or that you think you’re partially at fault for a car accident. Avoid trouble by asking them to contact your personal injury attorney.

Not following doctor’s orders

Another problem that can hurt your case is failing to follow your doctor’s orders. Doctors give you a treatment plan to follow. If you don’t do what you can to try to get better, the insurance company may not want to cover your claim.

Posting about your injuries on social media

While stating that you have been injured might not hurt your case, posting on social media and showing that you’re walking around when you’re claiming you need a wheelchair could damage your reputation in the case and result in questions about your claim.

Not keeping records of all your expenses

Always keep records of all your expenses. Whether you’re traveling to and from the hospital or have to get gas to drive to a specialist’s office several hours away, you need those records to back up your claim for compensation.

Accepting a settlement too soon

Finally, don’t accept a settlement too soon. Accepting a settlement will most likely prohibit you from seeking further compensation if you realize that you deserve more later.