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Jacksonville Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured By An Uninsured Motorist in Jacksonville, FL

In Florida and every other state, all drivers are required to carry a minimum level of liability insurance for any personal injury or property damage their vehicle may cause in the event of a collision. Unfortunately, there are many drivers on the road who are driving without that legally required coverage – either because it expired and they failed to promptly renew their policy, or because they were unable or unwilling to pay the premiums in order to hold such insurance but chose to drive anyway in violation of the law.

No matter how carefully anyone drives, there is no fool-proof way to avoid getting into an accident. All too often, these uninsured motorists are involved in collisions on the road. If you’ve been hit and/or injured by an uninsured driver, it may not be obvious how you can hold them accountable or get fair compensation for the property damage and physical harm you have suffered. In such a situation, you can gain clarity quickly by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys, we have decades of experience in litigating car accidents and a wide range of other personal injury matters – in fact, we have recovered more than $1 billion for our clients over the years. In addition to a deep bench of experienced attorneys, we also retain an in-house physician whose medical expertise is invaluable in analyzing X-rays and other medical records in a way that strengthens our clients’ cases and helps them obtain the maximum compensation available.

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Does Any Insurance Apply In My Case?

When the driver who hit you does not carry insurance, that does block the most obvious path to obtaining financial compensation for your personal injury. However, your own auto insurance policy may provide some relief in the case of an uninsured motorist collision. This depends on the specific policy you carry; we will help you interpret your policy and put it to its full use as quickly as possible.

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