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Jacksonville Truck Accident Lawyer

Helping Victims Of Commercial Semi-Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Jacksonville, Florida

Semi trucks, tractor-trailers and other large trucks are a formidable presence on Florida’s roadways. At times, it may seem that they merge into traffic or change lanes without regard for other vehicles. While many drivers encounter various commercial vehicles on the roads in the Jacksonville area without any problems, others are not so fortunate and experience devastating accidents. Truck accidents not only tend to be more damaging than most other vehicle accidents due to the size of these vehicles, but these incidents also tend to generate more complex legal disputes.

Trucks are vulnerable to different risk factors than most other vehicles, and truck drivers must account for these variables at all times. Large trucks have higher centers of gravity than smaller cars. They are more likely to be affected by heavy winds and other adverse weather, or poor road conditions. If they are improperly maintained, loaded, or driven, they have the potential to cause deadly collisions.

Ultimately, truck accidents can happen for many different reasons, and it may not be immediately apparent who is liable for your recent truck accident. If you are struggling with painful injuries and do not know your best recovery options following a truck accident, you must consult a Jacksonville truck accident attorney as soon as possible for the legal guidance you need in this difficult situation. Legal counsel you can trust will be an invaluable asset for the legal proceedings likely to follow your truck accident.

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Get The Help You Need From Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys

Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys is here to help if you were injured or lost someone you love in a truck accident. From our offices in Jacksonville, we serve the entire state of Florida and also take on trucking accident claims across the country.

We understand that your future may seem bleak. We know we cannot go back and prevent your injury or loss, but we can hold the responsible party accountable and seek compensation that can help you start to rebuild your life.

For a free review of your case, call 904-309-6500 or contact us online. We can offer an honest, compassionate assessment of this important matter.

Determining The Cause of Your Truck Accident And Who Should Be Held Liable

One of the most important parts of handling a truck accident claim is determining its cause. This will help our lawyers determine who should be held legally responsible for your injuries or loss. We work with talented investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, and other experts to accurately assign cause for semi-truck accidents.

Some of the potential causes of semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents include:

  • Fatigued truck operators. The trucking industry must abide by strict hours of service regulations that dictate how frequently drivers must take breaks between driving shifts. Unfortunately, many drivers feel tremendous pressure to complete their routes as quickly as possible and may operate their vehicles when they are too tired to do so safely.
  • Unbalanced or improperly secured truck loads. The party responsible for loading a commercial truck could face liability for an accident if they do not load the cargo correctly or if the load is unbalanced. This could easily lead to a tip-over or rollover accident with devastating results.
  • Overloaded trucks. Every state enforces weight limits for commercial trucks, and drivers must ensure their vehicles are not overloaded. Any overloaded truck is a hazard to the driver and everyone around them.
  • Improperly maintained brakes, suspension systems, or other parts. Large trucks undergo more regular stress from driving than standard passenger vehicles, so some parts are likely to wear out and demand replacement relatively quickly. Drivers and maintenance personnel must ensure trucks are maintained correctly and that any questionable parts are appropriately replaced.
  • Defective commercial trucks and their parts. Product manufacturers can face liability for damages when their products pose unreasonable risks to users. If you must file a civil claim against a manufacturer for product liability, it’s vital to have legal counsel experienced with this type of case.
  • Dangerous or poorly maintained roadways. It’s possible to have a claim against the government if the road quality directly caused your recent truck accident. Filing a claim against any government agency is very different from filing a claim against another private party, so you will need legal representation familiar with this type of case to help you with your recovery.
  • Drunk or drugged truck drivers. Any truck driver who operates their commercial vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is likely to cause a devastating accident. They will be not only liable for any civil damages they cause to others but also criminal charges and loss of their commercial driver’s license.
  • Unsafe lane changes or merges into traffic. Truck drivers must use extreme caution when turning, changing lanes, or modifying their position within the flow of traffic, accounting for the large size of their vehicles.
  • Failure to check blind spots. Large commercial trucks have substantial blind spots they cannot see with their rear-view mirrors. Some trucks have rear-facing cameras, but not every truck includes this feature. As a result, truck drivers must account for their blind spots with caution when maneuvering through traffic.

No matter how your recent truck accident happened, successfully obtaining recompense for damages will hinge on your ability to identify the defendant and prove their actions directly caused your claimed losses. A Jacksonville truck accident attorney with experience will be invaluable in these efforts.

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Holding Commercial Trucking Companies Accountable in Jacksonville, FL

Despite the strict regulations and codes that govern the trucking industry, accidents continue to occur with surprising frequency and devastating results. Trucking companies often force drivers to stay behind the wheel longer than allowed by federal regulation, which can contribute to truck driver fatigue and semi-truck crashes.

In addition, tractor-trailers are sometimes built using defective parts or are loaded incorrectly or improperly maintained. Our team is experienced in helping the injured and the families of those lost in fatal accidents recover full and fair compensation of damages. Whether your civil claim must target a negligent truck driver, a defective parts manufacturer, a third party, or a combination of multiple defendants, Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys can provide the comprehensive legal representation you need to navigate your case successfully.

Recovering Your Truck Accident Damages in Jacksonville, FL

Florida state law allows personal injury plaintiffs to claim full compensation for any economic losses they suffered because of the defendant’s misconduct or negligence. Additionally, they may also secure non-economic damages to compensate for the pain and suffering they experienced.

Compensation for a commercial truck accident claim may cover:

  • Medical expenses. The defendant is responsible for paying for all medical treatment the plaintiff requires. Auto insurance can potentially provide some compensation for medical expenses following a truck accident, but a personal injury claim may be necessary to ensure the plaintiff’s complete recovery of all their medical treatment costs.
  • Ongoing medical treatment. The defendant in your claim is not only liable for the immediate damages they caused you but also for the long-term effects of their misconduct or negligence. If your injuries will continue incurring medical treatment costs in the future, the defendant is liable for these expenses as well.
  • Medication and medical supplies. Your Jacksonville truck accident attorney can help you assess the full scope of medical expenses you can include in your claim. You have the right to seek compensation for anything required to fully heal your injury, manage symptoms during recovery, and mitigate lasting effects from severe injuries.
  • Physical therapy and assistive devices. Some truck accident victims will require wheelchairs and other medical devices, and many require ongoing treatment to regain lost functionality. Your attorney will help you hold the defendant accountable for all such expenses resulting from your truck accident.
  • Lost earnings, including bonuses and benefits. While you may be able to calculate the number of hours of work you missed because of the defendant’s actions, your Jacksonville truck accident attorney will know how to maximize the compensation you receive for lost income following your accident.
  • Loss of future earnings or earning potential. When a truck accident results in a disability that permanently impacts the victim’s ability to work and earn income, a Jacksonville truck attorney can assist them in calculating the future income they should have expected to earn if the incident has not occurred.
  • Emotional trauma, such as pain and suffering. Florida law also allows a personal injury plaintiff to seek compensation for non-economic damages. Your attorney can advise you on an appropriate compensation that would reflect the severity of your experience, the pain of your injuries, and the complications you will face in recovery.

Many personal injury plaintiffs who come to Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys for legal counsel discover their claims are worth much more than they initially anticipated. When you hire our firm for representation after a truck accident in Jacksonville, our goal is to help you maximize your total compensation as much as the law permits.

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We Fight For Fair And Full Compensation

We have the expertise and network of experts needed to investigate and reconstruct your accident to accurately identify all possible defendants, insurance coverage, and avenues of recovery. We also understand that some of our clients may worry about bearing partial fault for their truck accidents. Florida enforces a pure comparative negligence law, so a plaintiff bearing partial liability for a truck accident can still recover damages. However, they lose a percentage of their case award.

The pure comparative fault rule does not bar plaintiff recovery at any threshold of fault. Whatever percentage of fault the plaintiff bears for the incident in question is the same percentage they will lose from their case award. For example, 10% comparative fault in a $100,000 claim would result in a net award of $90,000. The plaintiff loses $10,000 or 10% of the case award to reflect their percentage of liability.

Vicarious Liability and Penalties for Jacksonville Trucking Companies

Whether you are concerned about proving liability for your recent truck accident, disproving allegations of comparative fault, or if you believe vicarious liability has come into play in your truck accident claim, our team can help you address these issues. It’s common for truck accident cases to raise the issue of vicarious liability when a truck driver’s employer bears liability for the driver’s actions and the resulting damages.

Our firm will help you identify all defendants bearing liability for your damages. In addition, more than one defendant can face disciplinary action for your accident, depending on how it occurred. For example, if a trucking company fails to conduct an appropriate background check on a driver and the driver causes an accident, or if the company fails to enforce an industry-wide safety regulation contributing to an accident, the trucking company could face fines and regulatory penalties from various oversight agencies.

Individualized Legal Counsel for Jacksonville, FL, Clients

When you need legal representation after a truck accident in Jacksonville, choosing an attorney with experience handling cases like yours is crucial. Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys aims to help every client understand the legal mechanisms at play in their case and to guide them to positive outcomes. We will leverage physical evidence, witness testimony, and input from relevant experts on your behalf to help you secure maximum compensation for your damages. As our firm’s name indicates, if you cannot settle your case and must go to trial, we can provide the ongoing support you will need to reach a positive outcome for your litigation.

We know that truck accident claims are some of the most complex vehicle accident cases anyone can face, and no two clients face the same circumstances as they recover from their experiences. Therefore, we adjust our legal services to meet each client’s unique needs. In addition, we take time to learn as much as possible about how your accident happened and its effects on your life.

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Our Jacksonville truck accident lawyers will uncover the base cause of your truck accident, identify the liable parties, analyze your medical condition and prognosis, and present a compelling analysis of your damages. Legal counsel you can trust dramatically improves your chances of success with any personal injury claim, especially one as complicated as a truck accident claim. Moreover, the sooner you secure legal representation, the sooner you can begin working toward recovery.

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