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Roger Dodd’s Newest Book Available Now

Robert F. Spohrer

Roger Dodd, partner in the law firm of Spohrer & Dodd, has co-authored a new book titled “Cross-Examination for Depositions.” Dodd wrote the book with his son, Matthew Dodd, founding partner of Dodd Law Firm, P.C. in Montana. The book is a guide for attorneys to maximize their effectiveness at depositions.

“Preparing a line of questioning that focuses on the theory of the case can give attorneys a major advantage before a deposition even begins,” said Roger Dodd. “Cases can be won or lost in the discovery state and the cross-examination of the deponents can be the deciding factor. Perfecting this cross-examination skill is essential for all litigators.”

“Cross-Examination for Depositions” is a guideline for attorneys. It offers advice for improving technique and provides numerous suggestions on how to deal with scenarios involving difficult witnesses. In their book, the authors emphasize constructive cross-examination, which is the use of the facts given by the opposing witness to build the cross-examiner’s theory of the case. Many times, a cross-examination will be merely an attack on the opposing counsel’s theory.

Roger Dodd, one of the country’s top experts on cross examination, first introduced the constructive cross-examination technique in the book “Cross-Examinations: Science and Techniques.” He co-authored that book, which has become a best-seller, with Larry Pozner. Both books are available for purchase online.

Roger Dodd frequently lectures and leads workshops for trial lawyers on improving cross-examination techniques to increase the benefits to clients. He said his single focus is helping as many clients as possible and if he can train trial attorneys to help their clients, he feels he has indirectly helped those people.

Roger Dodd, a partner at Spohrer & Dodd, is also a partner at Dodd & Burnham, P.C. in Valdosta, GA and Dodd & Keundig in Park City, Utah. He is a board certified in civil trials and was board certified in criminal trials for more than 20 years. Much of his practice focuses on catastrophic personal injury, trucking cases, medical malpractice, aviation accidents and wrongful death. He has lectured and taught lawyers and judges in all 50 states, and multiple foreign countries. He is also a frequent guest and commentator on televisions programs. His TV and legal credits include CourtTV, TruTV, CNN, ABC, CBS, and cable TV.

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