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Spohrer Dodd Sponsored NAACP 54th Annual Freedom Fund Dinner

Robert F. Spohrer

Spohrer Dodd sponsored the 54th Annual Freedom Fund Dinner, an event presented by the Jacksonville branch of the NAACP.

On November 7th, the Jacksonville branch held their yearly fundraiser dinner and awards ceremony event. The awards were presented “to those who have dedicated their time and energy in education, government, business, community service, and more to the ideals, vision, and mission of the NAACP,” according to the 54th Annual Freedom Fund Dinner event page. The dinner featured a presentation from Hilary O. Shelton, the director of the NAACP Washington Bureau.

The Annual Freedom Fund Dinner started as a national NAACP event in 1953. The Jacksonville branch presented their first Freedom Fund Dinner in 1963. In addition to the Annual Freedom Fund Dinner, the NAACP Jacksonville branch holds a multitude of events during the year, including public talks and voter registration events. The organization consists of different committees (such as their criminal justice, economic development, education, and health committees), that meet several times during each month to discuss issues in the community. They also share information about local and nationwide news stories. You can learn more about the Jacksonville branch of the NAACP by visiting their website at jaxnaacp.org.

The Spohrer Dodd team enjoys participating in a variety of local community initiatives throughout the year, in addition to working in our legal practice. In the past, we’ve sponsored events such as the Guardian Ad Litem Foundation’s “There’s No Place Like Home” fundraiser, the

American Beach Museum Anniversary Event, the Friends of Hendricks Walkathon, and other occasions.

In recognition of our practice’s involvement in the event, our firm partner Attorney Matthew Spohrer was given a “Platinum Sponsor Award” plaque. Thank you to the NAACP Jacksonville branch for sending us this award and giving us the opportunity to be involved in your event!

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