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Get Compensation After A Slip-And-Fall Injury

Slip-and-fall incidents are one of the most issues that arise in the field of premises liability law. Property owners have a clear legal responsibility to keep their land and buildings free of hazards so that tenants and lawfully permitted visitors do not suffer avoidable injuries. A failure to take these basic safety steps renders a property owner negligent, and potentially liable for any injuries their negligence ends up causing.

Slip-and-fall cases are common because so much of the surface area of any property is comprised of the ground that people walk on. If the floor is unexpectedly slippery due to a spill or a leaking pipe, a person can easily end up on the ground. The same goes for uneven surfaces such as loose tiles and floorboards, wobbly railings, stairs of nonstandard heights, or any other departure from locally applicable building codes.

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The Effects Of A Fall Can Last A Lifetime

Many people are quick to dismiss a slip-and-fall incident as a brief, embarrassing moment with no medical repercussions. But the truth is that a fall can result in serious injuries – anything from bruises and broken bones to life-changing harm such as a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury.

If you are not sure how serious your injury is right away, it’s in your interest to get checked out by a medical professional – first and foremost to get proper medical treatment as soon as possible, but also to create a timely record of your injury in case you decide to pursue litigation later on.

At Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys, we have an in-house physician to help our attorneys make sense of detailed medical reports and translate that medical insight into the strongest possible legal case. With our in-house medical expertise and our deeply experienced attorneys, we have recovered more than $1 billion for our clients.

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