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Roger Dodd’s “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques” Reviewed by Barrister Blogger

Robert F. Spohrer

The author of Barrister Blogger reviewed Roger Dodd’s “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques,” and described it as “quite simply the greatest book on cross-examination that I have ever come across and worth every penny.”

The latest edition is the third in Roger Dodd and Larry Pozner’s series on cross-examination methods in relation to their own real-life trial experience.

Barrister Blogger, who is based in the United Kingdom, publishes articles about assorted legal topics.

In his review of “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques,” Barrister Blogger praises Dodd and Pozner’s recognition that a successful cross-examination style is a skill that can be learned, and continues by saying that lawyers who are interested in improving their cross-examination abilities can do so with the book. He states that “so much is covered in such astonishing and helpful detail.”

The review emphasized Dodd and Pozner’s focus on research and preparation when conducting a cross-examination. In “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques,” Dodd and Pozner explain the importance of comprehensive note-taking, readying documents, preparing for different types of witnesses, and creating a plan before entering the courtroom.

Barrister Blogger also expressed his admiration for Dodd and Pozner’s method which, he says, differs from the typical British and Australian way of establishing closing arguments in advance of the trial. In contrast, the method outlined in “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques” encourages attorneys to evolve their arguments based on the information that was gleaned through cross-examination.

Roger and the entire Spohrer Dodd team would like to thank Barrister Blogger for his positive review of “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques.” We greatly appreciate your support!

If you are interested in reading the third edition of “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques,” it is available for purchase on Amazon, and from other book sellers.

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