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Miami Air Files for Bankruptcy Due to COVID-19

Robert F. Spohrer

When Miami Air Flight 293 crashed into the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida last year, several passengers came forward to report that they had sustained serious injuries in the charter plane crash. With nearly 140 passengers on board the flight – many of whom were active military members or veterans returning from Guantanamo Bay – Miami Air put many lives at risk because of negligence, improper aircraft maintenance, and pilot error.

Now that Miami Air International (the charter airline behind the crash) has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to COVID-19 losses, it’s important for any remaining injury victims to come forward as soon as possible. At Spohrer Dodd, we are currently representing at least 20 of the Miami Air Flight 293 passengers in a lawsuit against the airline – and with this bankruptcy filing, our legal team is concerned that many passengers will not be able to seek fair compensation.

How Will Bankruptcy at Miami Air Affect Claims?

Because of the bankruptcy filing, those seeking recovery after this tragic accident may encounter new obstacles, as Chapter 11 gives businesses the opportunity to re-organize operations and assets. This means that Miami Air may be able to evade financial accountability and responsibility for the crash as it re-organizes and pays off other debts over the coming months.

Even more concerning is the fact that Miami Air has expressed the intention to continue operating flights on behalf of the U.S. government, as most of its conventional sources of revenue have dried up with the pandemic. Time and again, research has shown that airlines with limited resources can and will cut corners on maintenance, safety, and passenger protections, putting even more people at risk.

Aviation Attorneys Ready to Fight for You

If you or your family member have been hurt in Miami Air Flight 293, our aviation accident attorneys are here to walk through your options and find the best route forward. As your dedicated legal advocates, we can stay on top of any looming deadlines and fight to ensure that your voice is heard.

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