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Passenger Files First Lawsuit After Miami Air Flight 293 Crashes Into River

Robert F. Spohrer

Our team at Spohrer Dodd recently filed a lawsuit against Miami Air on behalf of Gary Moss, a passenger injured in the crash involving Flight 293. The 737 charter plane crashed when it attempted to land, which caused the plane to slide off the runway and into the St. Johns River. The incident took place on May 3, 2019, and was influenced by several serious factors, including poor weather, improper aircraft maintenance, pilot error, and other preventable issues. Thankfully, there were no fatalities, but several passengers sustained injuries from the crash and their subsequent recovery.

The Miami Air Plane Crash

According to reports, there were 136 passengers and seven crew members aboard the plane. So far, more than 20 have come forward with injuries. The flight left from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba fully aware of the active storm in their destination, Jacksonville. The plane also had mechanical problems, including issues with the thrust reversers, which they knew about when the flight began.

A statement from attorney Robert Spohrer, partner at Spohrer Dodd:

Our investigation has shown that this aircraft was negligently and improperly maintained, serviced, operated and flown. The crash was entirely preventable and our clients are entitled to full and fair restitution for their losses.

The pilot attempted to land the plane, despite the active storm and mechanical issues. The controllers at the NAS JAX airport even warned the 293 flight crew that “both runways look pretty bad.” However, the crew elected to land the plane rather than waiting for the thunderstorm to pass, or finding an alternate place to land. When the plane approached the runway, it came in about 25 mph faster than appropriate, and the plane sat too high and to the right of the runway’s centerline. When the plane crashed, the pilot also failed to warn passengers to brace for impact.

To learn more about the details of the crash, visit First Coast News online.

Several Passengers Were Injured

Although the passengers of Flight 293 did not incur life-threatening injuries, they were seriously harmed. According to Attorney Bob Spohrer, “Mr. Moss and our other clients are undergoing surgery, therapies and medical treatments for injuries sustained in the impact and subsequent rescue.” These injuries can extremely painful and they can result in subsequent surgeries, expensive follow-up appointments, temporary loss of wages, and more.

Mr. Moss suffered several injuries to his right arm, including a tendon rupture and a muscular tear in his triceps, which required surgical repair.

Mr. Moss’s lawsuit also alleges the following damages:

  • Disability
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Embarrassment
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of the ability to earn money
  • Loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life
  • Aggravation of a previous condition

As a result of his injuries, Mr. Moss has endured acute physical pain, several inconveniences, and hefty medical expenses. Attorney Spohrer explains, “Miami Air owed its passengers the highest duty of care known to the law, and failed in multiple ways.”

Let Spohrer Dodd Help You

If you were harmed in the Miami Air plane crash in May of 2019, or if you were injured in another aircraft accident, our firm is prepared to fight for your rights. We have ample experience representing injured victims and our attorneys are dedicated to giving each and every client the voice they need to hold the liable party accountable for their mistakes or negligence. In this case, Miami Air failed to protect its passengers, and Spohrer Dodd looks forward to working with their representatives to achieve restitution on behalf of any injured passengers.

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