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Helping Victims Of Commercial Semi-Truck And Tractor-Trailer Accidents In Florida

Semi trucks, tractor-trailers and other large trucks are a formidable presence on Florida’s roadways. At times, it may seem that they merge into traffic or change lanes without regard for other vehicles.

They are more likely to be affected by heavy winds and other adverse weather, or poor road conditions. If they are improperly maintained, loaded, or driven, they have the potential to cause deadly collisions.

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Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys is here to help if you were injured or lost someone you love in a truck accident. From our offices in Jacksonville, we serve the entire state of Florida and also take on trucking accident claims across the country.

We understand that your future may seem bleak. We know we cannot go back and prevent your injury or loss, but we can hold the responsible party accountable and seek compensation that can help you start to rebuild your life.

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Determining The Cause Of Your accident And Who Should Be Held Liable

One of the most important parts of handling a truck accident claim is determining its cause. This will help our lawyers determine who should be held legally responsible for your injuries or loss. We work with talented investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, and other experts to accurately assign cause for semi-truck accidents.

Some of the potential causes of semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents include:

  • Fatigued truck operators
  • Unbalanced or improperly secured truck loads
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Improperly maintained brakes, suspension systems or other parts
  • Defective commercial trucks and their parts
  • Dangerous or poorly maintained roadways
  • Drunk or drugged truck drivers
  • Unsafe lane changes or merges into traffic
  • Failure to check blind spots

Holding Commercial Trucking Companies Accountable

accident involving a semi-truck and passenger vehicle

Despite the strict regulations and codes that govern the trucking industry, accidents continue to occur with surprising frequency and devastating results. Trucking companies often force drivers to stay behind the wheel longer than allowed by federal regulation, which can contribute to truck driver fatigue and semi-truck crashes.

In addition, tractor-trailers are sometimes built using defective parts or are loaded incorrectly or improperly maintained. Our team is experienced in helping the injured and the families of those lost in fatal accidents recover full and fair compensation of damages.

Compensation for a commercial truck accident claim may cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing medical treatment
  • Medication and medical supplies
  • Physical therapy and assistive devices
  • Lost earnings, including bonuses and benefits
  • Loss of future earnings or earning potential
  • Emotional trauma, such as pain and suffering

We Fight For Fair And Full Compensation

We have the expertise and network of experts needed to investigate and reconstruct your accident to accurately identify all possible defendants, insurance coverage, and avenues of recovery.

Our Jacksonville truck accident lawyers will uncover the base cause of your accident, identify the liable parties, analyze your medical condition and prognosis, and present a compelling analysis of your damages.

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