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Spohrer Dodd Represents Family of Copilot Killed in WWII-Era B-17G Bomber Crash

Robert F. Spohrer

Co-counsel with RisCassi & Davis, Spohrer Dodd is representing the family of the late copilot Michael Foster, who was one of the seven people killed in the WWII-era B-17G bomber crash at Bradley International Airport in 2019.

As reported by the Hartford Courant, the Fosters’ lawsuit is the fourth civil action to be filed over the 2019 crash, all of which have been filed against the Collings Foundation. Plaintiffs allege that the Collings Foundation was negligent in maintaining the historic plane and should have never allowed donors to fly in one as part of its “Wings of Freedom” tour. Thus, the plaintiffs allege both gross negligence and recklessness.

In their suit, the Fosters are seeking monetary compensation for the untimely death of Mr. Foster. He was 71 years old when he died in the cockpit of the four-engine bomber.

The pilot at the time of the crash was Ernest “Mac” McCauley. When two of the four engines experienced a loss of power soon after takeoff, Mr. McCauley attempted to address the problem by turning off one of the engines. Then, he attempted to guide the plane back to the runway; instead, it went into a skid, hit an aircraft deicing facility, and burst into flames.

Per the Hartford Courant, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators concluded that “pilot error, substandard engine maintenance and an inadequate safety management system coupled with inadequate federal oversight” were to blame for the fatal crash. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) alleged that when it came to the B-17G, the Collings Foundation lacked an acceptable “safety culture.” It seems, the Hartford Courant further reported, that the Collings Foundation purportedly violated safety regulations by exploiting loopholes.

Our attorney team at Spohrer Dodd is determined to hold the Collings Foundation accountable for its alleged gross negligence and recklessness. The safety and lives of people should always come first—and no party should be able to get away with putting its own interests ahead of public safety.

Spohrer Dodd is known for our success in handling serious and fatal aviation accident cases. Our legal team boasts 150 years of collective experience, a board certification in aviation law, and FAA-licensed pilots. We know how to get to the bottom of what happened, as evidenced by our national reputation for successfully resolving high-stakes cases time and time again.

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