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Should you take a settlement after making a personal injury claim?

Robert F. Spohrer

serious accident, you may make a personal injury claim against the responsible party. In most cases, the insurance company responsible for providing car insurance to that person will reach out to you. The agent may want to ask you questions or to talk about the case, but this is when you need to start protecting yourself and your interests.

After a car crash, you may be entitled to a certain amount of money to cover the cost of your injuries, lost wages, medical care and other damages. The amount could vary, and there is a potential that the insurance company will send you a lowball offer. This is why it’s beneficial to have your attorney be the contact point for your case. They’ll handle interactions with the insurance agent and make sure that your injuries are taken seriously. They’ll let you know if you get a settlement offer and give you more information on reasonable settlements and what happens if you decide to settle.

Should you take a settlement?

Taking a settlement isn’t always the right choice, especially early in a personal injury case. This is because you may not yet have a full understanding of the severity of your injuries or be able to agree to a settlement knowing that it will cover your losses.

The insurance agent may come to you with a settlement offer early in the case. Why? They’ll be hoping that you didn’t talk to an attorney yet and that you’re feeling pressured for money. They’ll make an offer that seems good, in many cases, but it may be thousands of dollars less than you’d be able to receive if you took the case to trial or continued to negotiate with the insurance company.

Remember, once you settle a case, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to ask for more money later. It’s beneficial for you to have a good understanding of the money that you’ve lost, the damages that you’re asking for and the law so that you can make an educated decision about any settlement offers made.