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Is flying actually as safe as people say?

Robert F. Spohrer

It’s very common to be nervous or afraid of flying. It’s also very common, if you voice this fear, to have people tell you that flying is the safest way you can travel. They’ll point out how infrequently airliners go down and how often people lose their lives in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and things of this nature.

But does flying really deserve this reputation for safety? It may depend on the size of the plane that you fly in.

Light planes and private flights are far more dangerous

What has been found is that commercial airliners are exceedingly safe. They almost never crash. The only real reason people worry about these crashes is that they almost always make the news, and so they are the types of big, frightening stories that are hard to forget.

However, private planes and smaller craft crash far more often. This is sometimes due to operator error, in the cases where people crash planes that they own, but there is a great risk for those going on sightseeing tours, adventure trips, charter flights and things of this nature. Executives flying on private jets may get to their destinations much faster than those on commercial airliners, but they are statistically more likely to be involved in a serious incident.

Have you been injured in an aviation accident?

If you get involved in an aviation accident, you may suffer catastrophic injuries. If your family is with you, a child or a spouse could end up with life-changing ailments. It is crucial that you know exactly how to fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.