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Attorney Roger Dodd Hosts Zoom CLE Webinars for Attorneys

Robert F. Spohrer

Leading the Way in Remote Continuing Legal Education Webinars

With so much of the country under lockdown for COVID-19 in recent months, Zoom meetings and webinars have played a critical role in helping attorneys stay connected with each other and participate in Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs. At Spohrer Dodd, we’ve been leading the charge in this radical shift for CLE – and our experienced senior partner Roger Dodd has been especially involved in these webinars, both as a participant and as a host.

In the initial days of lockdown, Attorney Dodd provided exclusive cameos in multiple free webinars, hosted by former students like Justin Kahn and new acquaintances like Dan Ambrose. Towards the end of May, he was also asked to help analyze cross-examination techniques live with Brian Panish in a 3-hour intensive seminar that reached over 1,200 attorneys in total.

Even more recently, Attorney Dodd and other members of our team presented a 3-hour webinar segment discussing cross-examination during depositions. Over only 10 days, that program saw at least 3,900 participants within the U.S. and across international lines.

These are just a few examples of how Zoom is changing the legal profession as a whole and encouraging attorneys to share their knowledge more effectively. By allowing attorneys to create more effective CLE offerings and present their trial skills in action, Zoom and other video conferencing solutions will keep playing a pivotal part in Continuing Legal Education, long after the COVID-19 pandemic comes to a close.

At this moment, Attorney Dodd and our other attorneys at Spohrer Dodd are working on several live webinars and presentations that will explore all aspects of the trial process. As we build out these programs, we’re inviting our colleagues at different law firms to collaborate with us on future webinar opportunities. We will also be posting new information about these programs as they are built, and we invite all attorneys and interested parties to participate when the dates are posted.

If you would like to start exploring future CLE webinar options with our legal team, please contact our firm today! You can reach our Jacksonville law offices by calling (904) 637-7721.