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Workplace Accident Attorneys In Jacksonville

Recovering Complete Benefits And Compensation For Work-Related Injuries

Our Jacksonville workplace accident lawyers at Spohrer Dodd are highly experienced in successfully representing individuals injured at work. While both residential and commercial property owners can be held responsible for injuries caused by unsafe conditions on their premises, business owners are frequently held to higher standards.

If you were injured because a business or property owner failed to ensure that their property was reasonably maintained and compliant with applicable building and safety codes, do not wait to speak with an attorney.

We Have Won Over $1 Billion

No one expects to be injured at work, but workplace accidents happen every day. Whether your accident was due to an OSHA violation, employer negligence or defective equipment, you have the right to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost earnings, disfigurement or other physical impairments following a workplace accident.

Although some jobs pose a higher risk, any employee should expect that certain protective measures be in place to ensure a safe work environment. Spohrer Dodd provides aggressive advocacy for workplace accidents to recover fair compensation for our clients.

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About Construction Workplace Accidents In Florida

Despite increased regulatory requirements and advances in equipment safety, construction sites are inherently a dangerous place to work. Construction-related accidents are frequently caused by inadequate equipment maintenance and unsafe work practices. Equipment that is commonly at the center of these accidents includes cranes, forklifts, dump trucks, backhoes, graders, scaffolds, platforms, ladders, compressors, and other electrical tools.

Other common conditions to construction workplace accidents include unsafe floor openings, eye protection, barricades, rebar, skylights, roofing, concrete, foundations, iron beams, pipes, trusses, floor joists, stairs, railings, trenches, ditches, holes, sidewalks, walkways, highways, platforms, and tunnels.

Industrial Accidents And Hazardous Toxins

Accidents involving industrial toxins and other hazardous materials can have devastating effects on those in the workplace as well as their families.

Some common industrial site concerns include:

  • Toxic hazards
  • Hazards from machine injuries
  • Electrical hazards
  • Noise hazards
  • Removal or failure of machine guards

In these types of accidents, workers’ compensation may not be the only source of recovery. Investigation often reveals that the actions of a manufacturer or supplier were negligent and they cannot claim immunity under workers’ compensation laws.

Representing Workplace Accident Victims

Our team of Jacksonville work injury attorneys is well-versed in the laws relating workplace accidents, work-related injuries and occupational diseases. We know how to maximize our clients’ recoveries in order to grant them the best opportunity at a more stable and brighter future.

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