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Police Reports For Pedestrian Accidents

When law enforcement is called to the scene of a pedestrian accident, they will work to perform a preliminary investigation into the matter. Unless the pedestrian is incapacitated, law enforcement officers will take his or her statement along with statements from the driver and any witnesses to the accident. Sometimes this immediate investigation may be inclusive, or incomplete, requiring a more detailed investigation, but the police report will indicate who the officer saw as being at fault.

Florida Law And Pedestrian Accident Insurance Claims

In Florida, it is often more difficult to determine who is responsible for paying for an accident claim than it is to determine who actually caused the accident. Pedestrians often incorrectly assume that it is the insurance carrier for the at-fault party and are surprised to find out that it may be their own auto insurance company. Florida has personal injury protection (PIP) that is required by the state’s “no-fault” insurance law. In most cases, pedestrians who own an insured vehicle are required by law to file a claim under their insurance policy for compensation of accident injuries. In cases where the pedestrian does not own a vehicle, the at-fault’s driver’s policy or the no-fault policy of a blood relative living with the pedestrian may be available to pay for certain personal injuries and damages.

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