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Handling Insurance Claim Disputes With Professionalism And Care

Did you know that insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith when investigating and paying claims? They have a duty to honor their insurance policies, which are legally binding contracts. If they violate the terms of a policy or act in “bad faith” in handling a claim, they may be brought to justice and made to pay the full value of the claim, plus additional damages.

If you have filed an insurance claim and are experiencing undue delays or have been notified that your claim was denied, do not wait to talk to an attorney. A Jacksonville insurance claim attorney at Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys can review the circumstances at hand and determine whether unfair or illegal practices may be at hand. These are complex cases and insurance providers have considerable resources with which to counter bad faith claims, but we have the expertise, experience and manpower to present a powerful case as we seek justice for the wronged.

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Identifying Bad Faith Practices

As aforementioned, insurance providers have an obligation to act in “good faith and fair dealing” when handling claims. When a claim is filed, the insurance company cannot take active and unreasonable measures to try to find ways to deny or delay payment. They must act fairly and conduct a true investigation into the matter.

The following are examples of potential failures by insurance companies to act in good faith:

  • Unreasonably delaying payment on a claim
  • Offering an unfairly low settlement
  • Retroactively canceling an insurance policy
  • Denying a valid claim outright
  • Requiring unnecessarily excessive documentation from the claimant
  • Failing to pay a claim even after a judgment is made

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