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Spohrer Dodd Recovers $1.7 Million Dollar Voluntary Settlement for False Claims Act Violations

Robert F. Spohrer

Spohrer Dodd Collaborates with US DOJ, Resulting in $1.7 Settlement to Resolve False Claim Act Violations by Medical Group

Working alongside the Daytona Beach firm of Rodziewicz Law, the Jacksonville trial lawyers at Spohrer Dodd have collaborated with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to expose illegal practices by an Orlando-based doctor’s network.

Spohrer Dodd and Rodziewicz Law currently represent Mrs. Holly Loebl, a former employee of FWC Urogynecology LLC, who witnessed illegal conduct by her employer. This conduct, as alleged in her lawsuit, included defrauding patients and therefore Medicare and Tricare, such as by submitting false claims for treatment not ordered or not given. When she reported this conduct, her employment was promptly terminated.

The U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida became involved and was able to negotiate a $1.7 voluntary settlement with the defendant, based off evidence provided by Mrs. Loebl. For her role in the matter, in bringing the case to the attention of the appropriate authorities, Mrs. Loebl will receive a percentage of that settlement.

The statute that applies in this case is generally known as the Lincoln Law, which can be traced back to the Civil War. The Lincoln Law has played a significant role in combating fraud against the government, such as healthcare fraud and fraud by military suppliers and government contractors.

Although a settlement has been reached in this whistleblower action, our case is not over. Spohrer Dodd and Rodziewicz Law are still representing Mrs. Loebl in a wrongful termination case against her former employer, under the False Claims Act and other violations of employment law.

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