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2 reasons dog bite attacks cost more when the victim is a child

Dog bites can be expensive regardless of who gets attacked by a violent animal. Animal injuries often lead to infections because animal teeth cause deep puncture wounds. Additionally, the physical trauma of the injury may require emergency medical care. Sometimes, the psychological trauma caused by a dog bite attack will require counseling or therapy for someone to fully heal.

Anyone attacked by an animal might feel traumatized and have expensive injuries and lost wages while they undergo medical treatment. However, when a dog attacks a child, the costs involved are often far higher than when the victim is an adult.

Why are child injuries so expensive?

Children can easily develop disfiguring scars

The rapid growth and bodily development that children and teenagers undergo often mean that they heal more quickly than adults. However, a scar that might fade and become unnoticeable on an adult might become larger, darker and more pronounced as a child continues growing.

Especially when a dog bites a child in a visible location, family members may need to bring in specialized pediatric cosmetic surgeons to stitch up a wound or complete a skin graft. The cost for such care will often dwarf what treatment for an adult with similar injuries would cost.

A child’s size puts them at risk for more severe injuries

When a dog attacks, they often bite the hands and legs of an adult. However, children are smaller in stature and are more likely to be down on the ground by an animal when it attacks. They can easily suffer wounds to their face and neck in addition to defensive wounds on their hands. Such injuries are more likely to be life-threatening and are also more likely to leave disfiguring wounds that require multiple surgical procedures to address as the child continues growing.

In addition to the direct medical expenses, it can also be very expensive for a child to end up hurt because one parent in the family may need to take an extended leave of absence from work to serve as a caregiver for the child.

Recognizing why dog bite attacks that affect children are so expensive can help families that need to negotiate insurance settlements or premises liability claims following an animal attack.