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Are small dogs more aggressive?

If you’re considering your risks of getting bitten by a dog, odds are you’re most nervous when a large dog is barking at you or approaching in an aggressive fashion. And you should be. It’s very important to know how to react if you find yourself in this situation so that you can deescalate things and get away without injury.

But there is an interesting conflict when considering dog temperaments. Though these larger dogs are the ones that people tend to think of as dangerous and aggressive, studies have found that small dogs are actually more aggressive than their larger counterparts. Why is it that we don’t think of them in the same category as large dogs like German Shepherds or Pitbulls?

Large dogs are still more dangerous

The fact of the matter is that aggression levels are not the only thing that makes a dog dangerous. Small dogs may be more likely to attack or bite, but their small size also limits the amount of damage that they can do. A large dog may be less likely to attack, but the ramifications of such an attack could be far more serious. This is why most fatal attacks are tied to larger breeds. They are simply powerful enough to cause that type of catastrophic injury, whereas the small dog is not, even if it is technically a more aggressive breed.

Seeking proper compensation

If you suffered serious injuries in a dog bite or if you’ve even lost a loved one to an aggressive dog, then it’s important to know about all of your legal options to seek compensation.