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There’s a major range recall because these appliances could tip

GE is one of the biggest companies in the world. They have numerous brands and companies that they have acquired over the course of business. They are also a known household name, particularly when it comes to appliances.

Unfortunately, being a well-known brand doesn’t prevent a business from making major oversights in its product development or manufacturing processes. Currently, GE is the focus of a recently announced recall that will affect more than 100,000 appliances in the United States and more than 10,000 in Canada.

The recall has to do with the possible risk of certain gas and electric ranges tipping over, which could lead to catastrophic injuries or death.

What is the issue that led to the recall?

There are numerous different range models from GE and other brands the company owns subject to a current recall. Those who bought gas or electric GE ranges between May and July of 2021 at Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s or other major appliance retailers may have appliances affected by this recall.

The manufacturer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that the oven could tip over if people don’t properly install anti-tip brackets. If someone places a heavy object on the open oven door, the entire unit could tip over. The risks possible in that scenario are significant.

A child or pet nearby could suffer fatal injuries. Adults could suffer broken bones, spinal cord injuries or severe burns if there was something on the stove at the time it tips over. Consumers could also be at increased risk of a house fire breaking out that could cause catastrophic damage. Although reports indicate no one has sustained injuries yet because of this issue, the possibility exists for tragic and fatal consequences with poorly designed appliances.

What could consumers do when hurt by defective products?

If someone did suffer a significant injury, massive property damage or other tragic loss because of an appliance tipping over, they would have legal rights. They could potentially make a claim against the business that manufactured the defective product or a retailer that had their purchase information but failed to notify them of a recall in some cases.

There may be a business insurance policy that could reimburse those affected by defective products for medical costs, wages they could earn because of injuries and property damage. Sometimes, a civil lawsuit is necessary. Especially in cases where multiple people suffered catastrophic injuries, plaintiffs can organize and work together to bring a claim against the manufacturer.

Learning more about defective product claims can help you protect your family and take action if you get hurt by a poorly designed product.